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Sarah Bracey White, Executive Director. Advisory Board: Linda Beres, Gwen Cort, Margaret Fox, Anne Gordon and Carolyn McNair


Auxiliary Gallery II

“Starting Over, Again”

An exhibit by

Katherine Hammonds-Wilson


Greenburgh Town Hall

August 27th thru October 18th, 2021

About the artist . . .

     Katherine Hammonds-Wilson took an interest in painting during elementary school. “I remember being in third grade and painting a cat on a canvas board,” she says. “I told my teacher that my Grandma would like that cat. When I brought it home, Grandma told me how nice the painting was. I loved hearing her say ‘Baby, you can paint!’ As years passed, my cat became the laugh around the table at family gatherings, but Grandma would always say something nice about my cat.”

     “At the age of 12, I drew Mickey Mouse on my bedroom wall. My mother wasn’t too happy to see Mickey covering the wall. Once she calmed down, she said that the drawing was nice, but she couldn’t believe that I had drawn the picture freehand. “After junior high school, I stopped drawing and painting. I never considered art school. I began painting again in the early ‘90s, but once again stopped. I recently began painting again and have been showing and selling my paintings at various outdoor art festivals.”

     Ms. Hammonds-Wilson has been a Greenburgh resident her entire life. She has a studio at Railyard Art Studio, Croton Falls, NY. For information regarding purchases, contact her at (914) 645-6873