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On exhibit until March 31st, 2023 in the Madeleine Gutman Gallery/ Greenburgh Town Hall is a collection of oil paintings by Kevin Veal, aka "MC". The exhibit is open to the public and can be viewed from 9 am until 5 pm weekdays.

About the Artist: Kevin Veal (aka “MC”)

     Kevin Veal was born and reared in Mount Vernon, NY.  He is known as “MC” to his closest friends, a nickname which represents his hip-hop influence - which sometimes transcends into his drawings. While a student at Mount Vernon High School, Kevin was placed in an advanced art course where he learned the basic techniques of pencil art. From that moment on, he took his craft seriously and decided to pursue a career in art as a realistic, pencil artist.

     After High school, Kevin attended Bronx Community College where he majored in graphic design. In his spare time, he began establishing a clientele by drawing faces for people he encountered. He still draws faces, upon request.

     Kevin’s inspiration for painting and drawing is the feeling of knowing he has the gift of turning a piece of paper into beautiful art. He is also inspired by seeing artists who came before him who became successful by painting and drawing and being true to themselves. He creates his art to inspire people to feel good about themselves. “Designing each piece requires close attention to detail, and heartfelt emotions,” says Kevin. “I place no time limits on creating my art, and I work on each piece as if it is my last – dedicating my heart, mind, body and soul to each creation.”

Follow Kevin on Instagram at m_c_Kev