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On Exhibit in the Madeleine Gutman Gallery

Greenburgh Town Hall

September 3rd thru October 30th

My Favorite Places and Things


Doris Mady

"Sand and Surf"

"Reeds and Water"

"Clothes Line"

Artist’s Statement - Doris Mady:

I like to consider myself an outdoor painter, also known as a plein-aire painter. Someone once asked me, “Why plein-aire?” My answer, “because I feel alive when I’m outside and the world has so many possibilities.”

For example, when I look at the ocean with all its infinite variations, I cannot help but be awe-struck by its unfolding majesty. Unknowingly, I will let out a silent sigh, and at times feel a kinship with the water, and a sense of peace. If I can obtain that feeling with my plein-air paintings (despite the weather, the wind, and the changing light), and bestow that sigh to those viewing my work, then, I can be happy in the knowledge that perhaps I’ve offered a bit of peace to another person as well.

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