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Sarah Bracey White, Executive Director. Advisory Board: Linda Beres, Gwen Cort, Margaret Fox, Anne Gordon and Carolyn McNair


"What's the Point?"

A debut exhibit of abstract paintings


 Richard Thompson 

              Madeleine Gutman Gallery, Greenburgh Town Hall          


About Richard Thompson             

Born in Malaysia and grew up on Malta before father’s military career relocated the family back to the UK in the late 60’s.

Education and early employment focused on numbers, equations and finance before an unsated wanderlust had me trading suit and briefcase for a backpack in the early 90’s.

Returned from world travels filled with incredible sights and sounds and smells and adventure, resumed career in finance, worked for a number of media, design and advertising companies in London, Moscow, Hamburg, London again and now in New York.

Passionate about the planet, grateful for all living creatures, and respectful of the fragile beauty and balance of nature’s gifts.

The “What’s The Point“ canvases are an expression of these experiences and those perspectives.

Medium: canvas, wood and cardboard, with a combination of acrylic paint, shredded paper, duct tape, gold leaf, varnish and one acorn.

Contact the artist: Via text message or WhatsApp on 917-263-0645; on email at

"Green Fire"






"The Koi Farm"



"Four Seasons"





"Winter Gold"


"Sun Glass" and "Moon Shadow"


"Nine Lives"


"Mexican Sun" and "The Gardeners"


"Wormhole" and "Fractally"