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Sarah Bracey White, Executive Director. Advisory Board: Linda Beres, Gwen Cort, Margaret Fox, Anne Gordon and Carolyn McNair


Second Floor Main Gallery

Greenburgh Town Hall

Abstract Art & Surrealism

by Shirley Lightfoot

About the artist:

Born under the sign of Scorpio, Shirley Lightfoot is a Greenburgh native who has been crafting her art since the age of 12. She still finds comfort and equilibrium through her art as she expresses her deepest feeling in the creation of abstract and surreal compositions.

Social encounters and endeavors have shown Shirley that people wear many MASKS. What may appear to be REAL is sometimes the farthest thing from reality. The many EYES that sometimes appear in Shirley’s riveting creations are symbolic of the Window to everyone’s soul, where the real TRUTH can only be found by looking deep within one’s SELF.

Shirley is a single mother who has reared three wonderful children who look up to her. In her art, she expresses her love to them and to the world. Her central theme is “A mind determined, knows no limits or boundaries. With God, all is possible!”

Artist's statement: 

My medium is acrylic metallic (silver and gold), and I gravitate to abstract art and Surrealism for my expressions. I also specialize in wood burning as well. I am currently with "Artists in Transition," an organization based out of Brooklyn, NY.  Through our organization, I’ve had multiple showings at the Harlem State Office Building, featured alongside world renowned artists, Otto Neal, Emmett Wigglesworth and Gerald Jones. Through my affiliation with SEIU 1199, I have had several showings and was even featured in my own “One Woman Show,” through their Bread & Roses Committee.